Legal English: Communication Skills Course

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The 10-week course is written specifically for practising lawyers who want to improve their verbal and written communication skills in English. The course can be taken 1-1 or in a small group and is personalised to focus on what you most want to improve. We cover vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar but, most importantly, you will have plenty of opportunities to practise speaking in discussions, meetings, negotiations, debates and interview roleplay scenarios. To find out whether the course is a good fit for you, click the button to book a free 30-minute strategy session with me.


Here's what lawyers who have completed the 10-week course had to say...

Marco, Italy 
Civil Procedure Lawyer and Professor of Law

"Rachel is simply great. Her English course has been an amazing experience for me. In the past three months I have had the opportunity not only to improve a lot my knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but also to gain confidence in speaking in professional contexts. What I appreciated the most about Rachel is she cares a lot about her students and for each session she always prepared a very tailored material and selected really interesting topics to discuss. I strongly recommend Rachel and her course for all who want to cease struggling whenever it comes to speak in meetings and seminars using English as second language."

Elisa, Portugal
Employment Lawyer 


"Rachel is a very talented and dedicated English coach. I attended Rachel’s Legal English Course for 10 weeks and she easily found out how to improve my English and take it to the next level. She pays a lot of attention to the details and each class makes you will feel more confident in your communication skills. The course is very comprehensive and tailored made to your specific needs. The classes were very dynamic and pleasant. The support materials are a very helpful tool. Rachel is a very nice and kind person, who makes you feel very comfortable at classes. I recommend Rachel’s Legal English Communication Skills Course to any lawyer looking to improve communication skills."

Sandrine, France
Criminal Lawyer



"I took online classes with Rachel and she gave me great guidance to achieve my goals. My English has improved. I am more confident in the areas of negotiation and formal correspondence. Rachel was attentive to my mistakes, pronunciation and explains clearly all topics. I do recommend the 10 Week course for legal professionals."

Natale, Italy
Trainee Lawyer


"Needless to say, not simply one of the best, but the best. It only took me 10 weeks to feel that I have really thrived in speaking English and this is solely a result of her attention to details of each class. Each lesson is tailored to your needs or specific requirements. Last but not least, she has the inborn knack of making you feel at ease even when the class is notably challenging and you are struggling to deal with it. In a nutshell, she is the best advice I can give you to improve your English."

Alejandra, Mexico
Tax Lawyer

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"Rachel was my English coach for a 10 week program. I was lucky to find someone so passionate about teaching and encouraging people to improve. The program is based on individual weaknesses so it’s very helpful. She not only helped me to widen my knowledge but to be confident with it."

Eloïse, France
Intellectual Property Lawyer 


"I’ve just finished a 10 week training with Rachel and I’m really glad I have offered this opportunity to myself. My English is more fluent. I have noticed a true improvement in my written and oral comprehension and expression. I really appreciated that Rachel took time to establish personalised revision materials each week. It was game-changer, which helped me to focus on my specific needs. She included vocabulary flashcards, some pronunciation points, my recurrent errors and tips to improve some sentences. Roleplays and more generally, games, made it way more enjoyable than traditionnal English classes. Finally, I want to share that Rachel is supportive and courses with her were really pleasant. I have appreciated her kindness, her implication and her professionalism. In conclusion: no matter your English level, I recommend her services to you!"

Marta, Italy


"Rachel is an amazing English Coach. I attended her 10-week training course, which is very well structured and completed. During these 10 weeks I learned lots of new vocabulary and idioms which are very useful for me as a lawyer (but not only). I am now way more confident in both speaking and writing English. I would highly recommend her and this course."

Mariana, Mexico
Corporate Lawyer


Rachel is an excellent English Coach! She taught me how to speak English in a more fluent way and she showed me her interest in my performance. I learned legal terms and negotiation skills. Also I think she is a dedicated and responsible person.

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