Do any of these sound familiar?

🔹 “I don’t always understand what my British and American clients are saying.”

🔹“I feel nervous when I have to talk to an important client in English.”


🔹 “By the time I’ve remembered the right words, the moment has passed.”

🔹 “I spend ages checking my emails in English before I send them.”

🔹 “I’m great at my job but I’m worried that people won’t see that because of my English.”

These are quotes from lawyers just like you.

Corporate, tax, intellectual property, criminal, M&A, labour, arbitration, civil procedure, immigration and human rights lawyers from different countries around the world. They all have two things in common:


1. They are great at their jobs.


2. They feel that their English is holding them back.

In this book, you’ll learn the most common vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation mistakes that lawyers make when using English with their clients and colleagues and, crucially, how to avoid them. You’ll be equipped with key words and expressions to survive meetings and phone calls, as well as go-to email templates so that you can stop re-reading everything you write!

You’ll be guided through the nuances of British business culture and learn how to build rapport (positive professional relationships) with your English-speaking clients. Most importantly, this book and its accompanying audio recordings and vocabulary flashcards will provide you with the tools you need to significantly increase both your competence and confidence in English.

The book will be available on Amazon in April 2022.

Watch this space!

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